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.Drones are beginning to play an important role across many industries, but significantly in the construction. They have the ability to survey and monitor sites and are leading the way to making sure construction projects are delivered in a time and cost effective way.

AgSense can utilise their expertise in drone surveying, to offer the following services to our clients; earthworks, dilapidation surveys, roof inspections, site progress and stock control.

2D Maps

2D maps are used to create an accurate representation of the earth’s surface, these maps can be used to measure true distances to aid planning, construction and operation of any commercial site.

3D Modelling

3D models can be created for architectural design, dilapidation surveys or for just a detailed view of buildings and structures. These models can be exported out into JPEG, GeoTiff, OBJ or LAS file format for further 3D reviewing.

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Volumetric Measurements

From the 3D model, surface areas and volumes can be calculated to a degree of accuracy to quantify stockpiles, measure lengths and capacities of buildings and even compute volumes such as quarries and structures.

Digital Surface Model

By measuring the height of the first surface on the ground, collected data can be used to enable effective vegetation management by overlaying a Digital Surface Model (DSM) to highlight encroaching trees on to buildings, railways and power lines and see how the proposed building would affect the surrounding landscape.

Thermal Imaging

Solar panel inspections are completed with ease and efficiency, using thermal imagery to scan and detect hot spots across a large area. The heat reflected from a damaged cell can be identified easily and quickly and be repaired before any further damage is caused.